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Mystery Shopping: Unleashing Customer Excellence


Toyota Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping for Toyota - Kuwait to enhance customer experience




Mystery shopping Methodology
  • Scenarios
  • Recruitment
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Report

Scenarios Creation

We developed a mix-and-match system to generate tailored scenarios that covered the majority of localized and realistic sales cases.


To get to sensitive points during the visit and experiment with our salespeople even more, we explored the personas and characteristics of the main customer types deeper.

Diagram 1: The scenario creation system flow chart

Recruitment and Training

Our recruitment criteria considered a wide range of factors, including age, education, marital status, and individual concerns. For each cycle, we carefully selected diverse candidates, encompassing various age groups, locals and ex-pats, men and women, with different job titles and marital statuses. Additionally, we established specific patterns, such as fathers and sons, husbands and wives, to capture comprehensive perspectives.


To ensure effective execution, every mystery shopper underwent a personalized briefing and training session. These sessions equipped them with a deep understanding of the assigned scenarios, enabling them to act in alignment with the objectives. Each training session lasted approximately 30 minutes, followed by a quick rehearsal to ensure readiness before mystery shopping visits.

Mystery Shopping Process

Toyota Mystery Shopping Process

01 . Pre-visit


In anticipation of their visits, shoppers utilized various methods such as phone calls, social media messages, or website visits to engage with the showrooms. Their interactions included requesting information or scheduling appointments, all meticulously recorded and tracked throughout the process.

02 . Visit

Throughout showroom visits, test drives, and trade-in evaluations, every conversation and interaction was meticulously tracked and recorded for thorough analysis. In order to ensure comprehensive evaluation, we occasionally intervened during the visits to ask questions and provide guidance, ensuring that none of the evaluation parameters were overlooked by the shoppers.

Activities performed

03 . Post-visit


Following the visit, we engaged in a comprehensive evaluation process with the shoppers, where they provided feedback based on the evaluation criteria. This involved completing a post-visit survey encompassing a holistic review of the visit, along with a meticulous assessment and grading of various aspects such as the showroom, sales process, test drive, trade-in, and the salesperson. Additionally, an overall grade was assigned to each visit. By meticulously collecting and analyzing the individual data, we extracted valuable insights and identified specific pain points highlighted in these evaluations.

Diagram 2: Feedback table

Customer Journey

Consequently, we meticulously crafted customer journey maps that encompassed all touchpoints for each shopper. These comprehensive maps depict the entire customer experience journey, highlighting crucial actions, pain points, user feelings, and opportunities at each touchpoint. The following diagram visually illustrates the intricate details captured within each touchpoint, providing a comprehensive overview of the shopper’s experience.

Diagram 3: Customer journey map example


01 . Findings and Insights

Pain points of varying severity and levels were examined in-depth. Through this comprehensive approach, Toyota stakeholders were able to visualize the results, draw insightful conclusions, and make informed decisions. 
Key insights unveiled:


  • It was due to poor employee performance that the purchase rate was low. [Validation of the initial hypothesis was achieved]
  • Unexpected weaknesses and pain points have emerged in the customer experience of the showrooms

Some of the reported findings

The monthly reports feature insightful diagrams that showcase a diverse range of evaluation parameters and types. These visual representations provide a comprehensive overview of the analysis conducted and offer valuable insights into various aspects of the research.


4 shoppers had a phone contact before the visit


The Showroom

Quality of vehicle display, branding, and advertising materials

02 . Pain Points

The feedback was collected, analyzed, and pain points were identified and clustered to identify the customers’ problems.

03 . Recommendations

Building upon extensive research, meticulous analysis, and derived conclusions, we have taken the exercise to the next level. We have proposed a comprehensive set of actionable recommendations and improvements. These proposed actions aim to effectively address the identified gaps and enhance the overall customer experience.


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