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Mystery shopping


Is Mystery Shopping crucial to customer satisfaction?

In a real-world setting, a mystery shopper will evaluate service levels using realistic scenarios. It will allow companies to identify loopholes in their customer service through various touch points and work on them in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

At Mindflares

Making customer interactions delightful is our goal through mystery shopping

We collect accurate feedback by testing services, products, employee performance, and other metrics. The data and findings become recommendations for bridging the gaps, improving the experience, and leaving a lasting impression.

What is the Mystery Shopping process?

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Define objectives

The goals, objectives, and evaluation parameters should be developed in collaboration with stakeholders. 

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Recruit and Train

Following the creation of the scenarios, the shoppers are recruited and trained, ensuring that they have all the necessary information to get started.

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Mystery shopping

As the candidates start the exercise, we support them live, take notes, record, and tag the key moments for future reference. A follow-up interview is conducted after the visit to collect their feedback.

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Evaluate the experience

Upon completion of all visits and post-interviews, a report is developed evaluating the experience according to defined metrics. Pain points are prioritized and a list of recommendations is developed.



Mystery shopping engagements deliver usually:

  • Detailed reports (Raw data transformed into valuable insights)
  • A list of actionable recommendations (Based on identified weaknesses, gaps, and improvement opportunities)
Delivering detailed reports, valuable insights, actionable recommendations, improvement opportunities

“Listen to your customers, not your competitors.”

— Joel Spolsky —

Founder of Stack Overflow, Trello, HASH

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