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UX Localization


Why is localization crucial to success in some markets?

To bridge cultural differences in distinguished markets, successful products and services must take a culturally sensitive approach. By effectively localizing your offerings, you can effortlessly delight customers and unlock a bountiful return on investment (ROI).

At Mindflares

We mobilize our extensive localization expertise to customize experiences

In markets characterized by profound cultural differences, such as Arab countries, we work to meet and surpass local needs and expectations. We do this by diving into culture, mental models, and details that make each market distinct.

How does the localization process work?

Research the market

We assess the target market’s background, culture, and nuances. This will be achieved by combining quantitative and qualitative methods of research.


Develop a strategy

A successful strategic approach will meet the expectations of users and respect their culture and mental model.


Localize experience

Create a customized experience across all touchpoints and aspects, including value proposition, messaging, communication, interactions, flows, and visuals.


Test and iterate

Testing and iterating are essential for ensuring the highest quality of service. Based on the results, the strategy and experience will be revised.



As each project is unique, the following are the most common deliverables:

  • Guidelines and Strategies for localization
  • Recommendations for localizing the experience
  • Metrics to evaluate and iterate on

“In order to think big, you need to think small.”

— Jakob Nielsen —

Co-founder of NN/group

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