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Why are Personas a valuable tool for business growth?

Personas facilitate targeted marketing and customer-centric strategies. Also, they assist in making evidence-based decisions and support the development of new products and services. It is therefore possible to develop products and services that are exceptional and unique. 

At Mindflares

Personas allow us to represent different types of potential and target users

We group users according to their goals, needs, backgrounds, behaviors, and other factors. As a result of clustering, user-driven designs are created to maximize return on investment.

What is the process of creating Personas?

Data Collection

We use qualitative and quantitative research methods (e.g., user interviews, surveys, focus groups, and desk research) to gain a deeper understanding of users’ characteristics, behaviors, needs, and contexts.


Persona Development

Each persona is presented with relevant information

- Personality (Character, Attitude, Behavior) 

- Goals or needs to fulfill

- Frustrations

- Motivations

and others.



A report that summarizes all the research activities performed, the findings, and most importantly all the possible personas of a solution.

“To get what you want, give your customers what they want.”

— Andrew Kucheriavy —

Founder of Intechnic

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