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Expert Review


How can Expert Review boost the experience in no time?

It provides a cost-effective and quick evaluation of the design and usability of a digital product to suggest quick and convenient corrective measures. The result is increased user satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, and reduced support costs, which ultimately leads to more profitable and sustainable business practices.

UX researchers evaluate the business plan writing process, suggesting design and usability improvements for increased user satisfaction.

At Mindflares

We help you elevate your product’s usability and efficiency

You can rely on our experts to inspect your product, identify any issues, and suggest improvements. Moreover, we provide a roadmap to ensure that your product becomes a seamless masterpiece and guides your business toward increased success.

A step-by-step guide on writing a business plan, with the assistance of a UX researcher conducting an expert review.

How are Expert Reviews done?

 Know the users icon | Expert Review

Know the users

An expert review/usability evaluation requires understanding end-users and their goals in order to map out the flow and discover issues.

 Define the scope icon | Expert Review

Define the scope

It includes defining the scope of the evaluation, the heuristics/laws/principles to be used, and the evaluation grid according to each project’s needs.

 Analyze findings icon | Expert Review

Analyze findings

A summary of detailed data and findings is provided, sorting the issues by severity. Fast and suitable recommendations are developed to enhance the experience.



Deliverables include:

  • An in-depth report including all data and findings, usability issues, and recommendations
  • A brief report summarizing the most important issues and recommendations
  • A roadmap or action plan
 Delivering report, data, findings, usability issues, recommendations, roadmap, action plan

“The better the usability, the higher the ROI.”

— CEO and Co-Founder of Adam Farm Studio —

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