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User Flows


How can User Flows increase the conversion rate?

User flow is a visual representation of the whole interaction between the user and the product or service. It helps businesses optimize their flow or journey for a smooth and seamless user experience. Ultimately, they will be able to design intuitive and efficient journeys that will increase goals achievement and conversion rates for users.

At Mindflares

Our goal is to deliver flawless user journeys by understanding your users’ interactions

We map out flow diagrams to illustrate how the user engages with a product and completes tasks to illustrate the sequence of events. Our goal is to identify pain points and inform iterative design. The result will be increased user engagement and a higher level of satisfaction, leading to business growth and success.

What is the process of generating User Flows?

Define goals

Through workshops, desk research, interviews, competitive analysis, and other methods, we understand the business and its users.


Map the journey

We outline the sequence of interactions users may experience as they progress toward their goals.


Generate the flows

The progression and connections between steps are represented logically for a smooth navigation and to minimize errors.


Validate and Iterate

User flow should be validated and iterated with stakeholders, designers, and usability experts to be refined.



Detailed diagrams illustrating all possible ways to interact with the product depending on various use cases. These include titles, features, buttons, decisions, and connections depending on which use case is being considered.

“Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t.”

— IBM —

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