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Design System


How can Design System instill premium quality?

A design system consists of reusable components, guidelines, and assets that create cohesive and consistent designs across a product or organization. Through this process, the design process is streamlined, the user experience is enhanced, and the brand identity is strengthened. Having all these things creates a sense of high quality and preserves a business’ competitive edge.

At Mindflares

We create Design Systems that ensure every touchpoint is consistent and elegant

Assembling components like logo variations, text styles, buttons, illustrations, colors, icons, etc… and organizing them supports creating unified and sleek interfaces. In this way, we simplify teamwork, harmonize interfaces, and reduce errors and time spent on errors or inconsistencies.

What is the process of creating a Design System?


The foundation of a design system is informed by analyzing user needs, business goals, and industry trends.



Design system components are identified, including the creation of reusable design elements like buttons, forms, typography, color palettes, and icons, along with their specifications.



A design system is documented with clear guidelines on how components should be used, their behaviors, and any specific design principles.


Iterate and Maintain

A design system that is regularly reviewed and updated ensures that it remains relevant and effective over time.



The main deliverables of a design system include:

  • Component Library: Components and elements to use.
  • Guidelines and Documentation: Detailed instructions on how to use the design system.
  • Style Guide: A complete guide to visual and interaction design.
  • Design Templates: Examples of the design system in pre-designed templates.

“Design systems bring order and harmony to the chaos of creativity.”

— Jonathan Z. White —

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