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Paving the Path to Customer Satisfaction through Empathy


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Mcdonald's Kuwait user experience



Challenges presented after establishing UX goals with stakeholder's


Methodology based on User-Centered Design
  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test
  • Design

Empathize with users (Mothers)

Users workshop to understand user's needs and build empathy

In our journey as UX professionals, we have embraced empathy as a core principle of human-centered design. Recognizing the significance of understanding our #1 target audience, mothers, we delved beyond assumptions and crafted a customized physical workshop. The objective was to connect with representative users, unravel user types, and identify their distinct needs.


To dive deep into mothers’ needs, we adopted a beginner’s mindset. Engaging in insightful discussions, immersive games, and interactive exercises allowed us to gain valuable insights.


We firmly believe that by truly understanding our users, we can unlock the power of personalization. This will enable McDonald’s to enhance user engagement, boost retention, and cultivate a more meaningful connection with their cherished customers.

About the Workshop

Workshop panel moderated by UX researchers
  • We have brought together a group of 7 mothers
  • Mothers participated in moderated discussions
  • A panel of three UX researchers moderated the discussion
  • Activities have been prepared for the group 
  • In regard to their children’s birthdays, mothers shared their opinions, previous experiences, feelings, and concerns
  • Discussions were held about birthdays and online booking
Journey mapping


For the team, the workshop was extremely insightful. Through close mothers’ engagement, we were able to focus on their needs, concerns, and priorities.


Among the most important findings we obtained from the different activities we conducted were the following:

Findings of the workshop with users


To ensure a precise and tailored design approach, we created personas based on our extensive research that provide insights into the diverse types of moms in Kuwait who would likely use our website. Here is an example of one of these personas:

Persona based on User Research

Ideate the solution

User building his journey map

User flows


The research phase was a captivating journey that deepened our understanding of users’ needs and desires. It enabled us to uncover pivotal action points from their perspective. This paved the way for the creation of user flows that visually depict the holistic user journey within the solution.

User flow covering the whole user journey


With goals firmly set, a compelling Unique Selling Proposition (USP) determined, and priorities perfectly aligned, we developed wireframes that brought our vision to life. We sought as well feedback from our talented team, to uncover valuable insights, improvement opportunities, and areas of clarity.


Here’s a preview of McDonald’s mobile application wireframes:


Building upon the wireframes, our next mission was to elevate the user flows and navigation, infusing a touch of captivating user interface (UI) design. This strategic move allowed us to breathe life into our vision, taking us one step closer to creating an exceptional user experience. We then created prototypes to test real-world journeys.

Usability Testing

Usability testing session

Our relentless pursuit of excellence demanded that we put our prototype to the ultimate test—real users. We recognized the significance of unearthing pain points from the existing website and ensuring our crafted solutions resonated authentically with our target audience.


Our compass for validating our assumptions was usability testing, a proven method. Eight mothers from different age groups, professions, and nationalities were invited to use the website to book their children’s birthdays online.
Sample of the follow-up questions we asked during the sessions:



As the exercise reached its conclusion, we meticulously compiled the results, illuminating our path forward.

Testing results: Main findings

Usability testing results

Design brought to Life

The culmination of our meticulous research journey paved the way for profound UX enhancements in both the overall website and, more specifically, the booking journey.


A comprehensive feature set emerged based on the collective insights of the initial mothers' workshops, extensive research, and conclusive usability testing - merging best practices and trends.


We understand that the following points should be prioritized within this transformative vision:

  • Transparency in price, offer, and process 
  • Detail-rich information to empower mothers with comprehensive insights
  • Streamlined simplicity through one action per screen
  • Clear demarcation of parts and sections, minimizing confusion and optimizing user flow.
  • Delectable visuals showcasing the culinary offerings.
  • Real photos that resonate with users, forging an emotional connection.


Our final screens incorporated fun, dynamism, and the latest website trends while respecting McDonald’s international and local guidelines.


Here are some mobile screens for your viewing pleasure.


Screens of McDonald’s mobile design
Mcdonald's Kuwait user experience


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