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UX Workshop / Training


How can UX workshops contribute to innovation?

As part of intensive collaboration sessions, experts share their knowledge with cross-functional teams to address existing challenges and achieve desired goals. Orientation, cutting-edge ideas, and access to the latest information contribute to increased performance and innovation within a team.

Expert in UX leading a workshop to encourage innovative thinking

At Mindflares

In our intensive sessions, our experts lead your team through a variety of topics

In UX workshops and training, team members brainstorm, generate ideas, solve problems, and collaborate. Through customized content, we offer our clients hands-on learning experiences.

UX workshop where the team members engage in brainstorming

How are training/workshops prepared?

Collaborate with business, UX Workshop process

Collaborate with business

Our experts collaborate with business representatives to understand challenges and assess the current workflow and state.

Develop material, UX Workshop process

Develop material

Based on the assessment and the business needs, we tailor-made a material that can really impact the performance of the team and take it to the next level.

 Conduct sessions, UX Workshop process

Conduct sessions

Content, Material, and equipment are prepared; we conduct the collaborative sessions while making sure the team is focused and assimilating relevant info.



As each business is unique, the following are the most common deliverables:

  • Enhanced knowledge of UX principles, methodologies, and best practices
  • Acquired skills and techniques that can be directly applied to their projects
  • Materials, guidelines, ideas, and conclusions discussed during the workshop will be provided to participants for their personal use and storage
  • Participation certificates are provided upon request
Generate ideas and solve problems in UX/UI

“A product is only ever as good as its UX.”

— Blake Ross —

Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox

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