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UX Strategy


Why is UX Strategy crucial to success?

UX Strategy maps out the company’s path to success by developing an action plan based on research. The goal of this action plan is to align the vision and mobilize resources in order to enhance the user experience delivered by the organization.

At Mindflares

Developing the most effective UX Strategy for your organization is our goal

With an understanding of the business needs, user needs, and team capabilities, our Strategists provide clear guidance to the UX team on how to create a great experience, innovate, and support the company’s goals.

How is a UX strategy developed?

Asses UX state

Identify existing problems, challenges, potential areas, and resources in order to develop an effective strategy.


Set goals

Set the future vision; defining focus areas, strategy, and scope. This will assist in understanding what actions need to be taken to accomplish the ultimate objective.


Create a plan

It consists of a high-level plan outlining the activities that must be carried out to solve business problems and meet user requirements.


Support and evaluate

Providing continuous support and defining metrics that provide insight into progress toward achieving objectives.



As each project is unique, the following are the most common deliverables:

  • UX Roadmap that outlines the strategy
  • UX Goals and objectives to provide a framework
  • User Personas
  • User Journey mapping
  • UX principles and guidelines
  • Metrics for assessing progress

“Strategy is about making the right choices to create a path to success.”

— Michael Porter —

Professor at Harvard Business School

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