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Product Design


How can product design revolutionize business?

It allows the discovery of user needs and pain points so that developed products can be designed to meet those needs and appeal to users. As a result, a business can achieve success and distinction.

At Mindflares

Developing sustainable and rewarding products is what we excel at

We identify market opportunities and customer needs to embrace them and create exceptional user experiences. This will unlock the gates to increased sales, performance, and unprecedented success.

What is the process of product design?

Discover the product

Utilizing various kinds of UX research methods to determine what kind of problem we are attempting to solve, for whom, as well as the brand vision, mission, and values.


Define features

Features are listed, prioritized, and brainstormed to narrow them down to the most viable solutions.


Test a prototype

The design is iterated based on test results to ensure that a seamless user experience is created.


Launch Product

Following the completion of the final screens and the development and marketing preparations, the product is usually launched.



As each project is unique, the following are the most common deliverables:

  • Concept Designs 
  • Prototypes 
  • Technical Drawings
  • User Interface Designs

“Producing the idea as a successful product is the hardest part.”

— Don Norman —

Co-founder of NN/group

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