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Content Strategy


Why is a well-designed content strategy important?

Having a comprehensive content strategy will enable an organization to establish its intended image and achieve its business objectives. Among its key features is its ability to convey meaningful information to users, ensuring an easy discovery process and contextual relevancy.

At Mindflares

We develop a Content Strategy that leads to business growth and success

Content (audio, visuals, and writing) is something we create, structure, organize, and communicate in a way that helps businesses attract, engage, and convert their target audience.

How is a content strategy developed?

Define background

Defining the audience, the value proposition, and/or unique selling points, problems to be addressed, and channels through qualitative & quantitative research activities.


Research to develop

Develop the personas, content management system, and types of content.


Create the content

It includes text, visuals, audio, and other content that exceeds customers’ expectations and provides the most satisfying experience.



As each project is unique, the following are the most common deliverables:

  • A content Strategy document 
  • Content Guidelines
  • Content Calendar
  • KPIs to measure the effectiveness

“Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.”

— Lee Oden —

Co-founder and CEO of TopRank Marketing

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