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Service Design


Is service design a key to creating unique experiences?

As a multidisciplinary approach, service design facilitates the strategic development and optimization of customer-centric services that result in differentiated experiences for customers. Through it, organizations are able to deliver sustainable solutions that meet and exceed customers’ expectations and contribute to the growth and success of their companies.

At Mindflares

Our goal is to develop lasting solutions that transform your business

By strategically developing long-term services, our team provides customers with exceptional experiences they will cherish in addition to a strong return on investment. Using cutting-edge technology and integrating business objectives with user needs, we are able to achieve the highest level of user satisfaction.

What is the process of Service Design?


Objectives are first aligned with stakeholders. Then, research is conducted such as user interviews, surveys, field studies, journey maps, and personas. This is to gain a deeper understanding of the people involved.



Projects may involve improving existing services or creating new ones. In ideation sessions or workshops, new ideas are generated and solutions are brainstormed.


Prototype and Test

The proposed concepts are visualized and tested by creating physical or digital prototypes. By receiving feedback from users and stakeholders, the service design can be refined and improved.


Implement and Evaluate

As the service is implemented into practice, continuous feedback and evaluation support the assessment of its efficacy and making necessary improvements.



  • Customer Personas and Users Journey maps serve as a reference for designing services that cater to a specific clientel
  • Service Concepts that outline the envisioned experience and value proposition
  • Prototypes and Mock-ups that can be physical or digital, allowing stakeholders and users to interact with and test different aspects of the service before full-scale implementation
  • Service Guidelines and Standards across different touchpoints and interactions.
  • Actionable implementation plans that outline the necessary steps, resources, and timelines for bringing the service to life. 

“Service design is the secret ingredient that turns ordinary businesses into extraordinary experiences.”

— Steve Jobs —

Founder of Apple Inc

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