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Accessibility Audit


Would you like your website to be more inclusive?

Accessibility audits evaluate your website’s accessibility to ensure its accessibility by individuals with disabilities. Assessing your website’s design and functionality helps you identify barriers and make necessary improvements. This makes your website more inclusive and user-friendly for all visitors.

At Mindflares

Our goal is to ensure that your digital inclusion is accomplished

With the diversity of today’s digital landscape, it has become increasingly important to prioritize accessibility so that all individuals have equal access and experience. Our accessibility audit service evaluates the compliance of your website with industry standards and best practices. Our understanding of your target audience, legal requirements, and inclusive design principles helps us to maximize this.

What is the Accessibility Audit process?


We evaluate structure, content, and functionality to identify accessibility barriers. It includes assessing keyboard navigation, color contrast, alternative text for images, semantic markup, and assistive technology compatibility.



We provide a detailed audit report that identifies accessibility issues and provides recommendations and guidelines for resolving them.



We collaborate with developers and designers to ensure accessibility features implementation.


Test and Validate

The testing includes user testing with assistive technologies and usability testing with individuals with disabilities.



A comprehensive accessibility audit report includes detailed findings, prioritized recommendations, and guidelines for improving accessibility. Furthermore, we offer ongoing accessibility consultation and support. 

“Our greatest asset when we design is human diversity.”

— Tim Allen —

American Actor

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