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Usability Testing


How does Usability Testing save you time and money?

Usability testing helps companies measure how effective and efficient their products are. It has been proven that five representative users can detect 80% of usability problems, saving time, money, and effort while increasing conversion rates.

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At Mindflares

We help you achieve your business goals by assessing your product’s usability

We conduct usability tests with real and representative users, which detect usability problems, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities. Therefore, the product user experience can be validated and actionable recommendations can be developed to improve the overall experience in a timely manner.

A person using a smartphone menu. Usability tests improve user experience and give recommendations.

What is the process of usability testing?

Prepare the session icon, Usability testing

Prepare the session

It involves preparing tasks, scenarios, and evaluation criteria. The prepared session is validated by a dry run.

Recruit participants icon, Usability testing

Recruit participants

Participants should be genuine and representative (defined criteria) to get real and accurate insights.

Conduct sessions icon, Usability testing

Conduct sessions

Facilitators lead each session and assign tasks, ask follow-up questions, record sessions, take notes, and manage other important stuff.

Report to communicate icon, Usability testing

Report to communicate

A report is developed in which research insights are gathered, issues are prioritized, and recommendations are developed to ensure an upgraded user experience.



  • Customer Personas and Users Journey maps serve as a reference for designing services that cater to a specific clientele.
  • Service Concepts that outline the envisioned experience and value proposition.
  • Prototypes and Mock-ups that can be physical or digital, allowing stakeholders and users to interact with and test different aspects of the service before full-scale implementation.
  • Service Guidelines and Standards across different touchpoints and interactions.
  • Actionable implementation plans that outline the necessary steps, resources, and timelines for bringing the service to life. 
Delivering customer personas, user journey maps, prototype, mock-ups, service guidelines, implementation plans, resources, timeline

“Service design is the secret ingredient that turns ordinary businesses into extraordinary experiences.”

— Steve Jobs —

Designer at MIT

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