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A mobile application dedicated to personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. A comprehensive, yet easy-to-use app that helps build an active and healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Joe Feghaly


Customer Experience
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User Experience Design


Mobile Application

About WeTrain


WeTrain aimed at building a fitness app for people who can’t seem to find time to go to the gym. According to his experience, Dr. Feghaly realised the importance of having a personalized fitness app targeted to fitness lovers and personal trainers. Although still under development, the app constitutes advanced features that help fitness enthusiasts achieve fitness goals.

The Challenge

The app is supposedly home for a huge number of data in need to be transferred to manageable information. Different body types require different coaching. Therefore, matching user information to the corresponding program was not as easy as it sounds. We needed to mould a fitness image coupled with a medical touch, given that the user will be able to manage and follow-up on his or her medical report through the app.

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The Study

We initiated our study by gaining a deep insight into the unique needs of fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers. Our aim was to understand both business and user goals. We conducted extensive research by interviewing personas. We visited the gym of Dr. Feghaly to speak with people of different abilities and body goals.


Information Architecture

As we framed our vision, we began to 'tell' user stories to identify the users' journey throughout the app. We conducted card-sorting sessions to carefully establish the app's architecture, informing the overall hierarchy, navigation, and content structure.



We based our prototypes on human-centered approach to create an optimal experience for users. We wanted to represent the best interface that could satisfy users. Our prototypes displayed videos, progress charts, workout schedules, medical reports, and more features that help users achieve fitness goals.


Mobile Application

The result of the WeTrain mobile app was nothing short of astonishing. We created an app that was specifically fashioned to the users' fitness goals by helping them plan their fitness programs and get coached at their convenience. The app also allows users to purchase coupons that can be redeemed at sponsored fitness shops.


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