Have peace of mind while you fly

Winner of 2014 Edison Awards

Trakdot offers travelers peace of mind by helping them keep track of their luggage while traveling.


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Winner of 2014 Edison Awards


Branding & Content Creation
User Interface Design
User Experience Design


Wearable Device
Branding Identity
Web/Desktop Application
Mobile Application

About Trakdot


The palm-sized tracker fits into a checked bag and reports real-time city location to the user’s mobile device via e-mail or text message.

The Challenge

After taking a deep dive into Trakdot’s objectives, we immediately recognized the challenge of designing an efficient single buttoned device and coming up with an easy-to-use mobile application in a situation where a travel has lost a luggage.

Track your luggage and rest easy!

The Study

Trakdot’s story was briefed and the concept was uncovered. The main objective was to come up with a device that is simple, yet slick.


Information Architecture

We focused on the architecture of the device experience. By keeping the user in mind, we were able to identify all aspects that make the device easy to use and highly functional. In order to do so, we mapped out user behaviour pathways. As a result, the foundation for our Information Architecture (IA) and wireframing process was built.


Wireframes & Prototypes

The route between the initial idea and the completed mobile application has been long. As we iterated through many screens, we needed to come up with an application that is easy to use and highly efficient when it comes to interfacing with the device. The same applied to the wearable device, where it was extremely challenging to design a simplified one-button device with an intuitive interface.


Brand Identity

We needed to mold the best identity - visually and functionally. Therefore, the logo and color palette were crafted, in addition to determining the overall look and message of the brand.


Mobile Application

Trakdot's aim was to engage travelers in using this simple and extremely necessary device and we believed that the design and functionalities of the mobile application were a great way of doing so.


Web Design

Following the completion of our UX process, an intuitive website was designed to facilitate the engagement of the target audience. The well thought of time frame and interactive design did the job perfectly. After all, we needed to tell them the story they wanted to hear.


Usability Testing

We used a variety of methods to conduct user-testing as a key for design improvements in order to have a perfect finished product.


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