The learning lighter

Winner of Harvard Arab Weekend 2015

Slighter is the first connected gas lighter that helps smokers control smoking habits. With a smart algorithm that can be connected to any mobile device, the award-winning lighter tracks, learns, and supports smokers along the way.


Samer Gharib


Winner of Harvard Arab Weekend 2015


Business & Ideas
User Interface Design
User Experience Design


Wearable Device
Branding Identity
Responsive Website
Internet of Things [IoT]
Web/Desktop Application
Mobile Application

About Slighter


Following our study of the behavior of heavy smokers and the psychological patterns associated with smoking, we analysed the collected data to come up with the best design for Slighter. We needed to introduce a lighter that is interesting enough to grab the attention of smokers, easy and fun to use, encourages users to reduce smoking, and efficiently interfaces with the mobile application.

The Challenge

We developed a sustainable strategy that allowed designers, developers, and UX experts to create a mobile application that has the same algorithm as the lighter and can easily link to it. Interfacing a gas lighter with a mobile application was not as easy as it sounded.

Quit smoking for good!

The Branding

Crafting the logo and the overall branding were an important aspect of the process, as we needed to achieve Slighter’s goal in building trust between the user and the device. Along with the device and mobile application, we created the brand, delivering the logo design, tone of voice, and art directions, all of which were presented with branding guidelines.


Information Architecture

As we tailored our IA process, we needed to ensure that the content structure serves user expectations based on UX design principles. It was crucial to maintain a well structured presentation of the information in response to user needs.


Wireframes & Prototypes

Wireframes acted out as a tool to visualize the data structure based on navigational priorities related to persona behavior. In addition, we needed to validate the app flow with the front-end development requirements. Prototypes represented the screens in real-like context as a way to ensure that use-case scenarios correlated with the overall workflow.


Mobile Application

A well designed mobile application was necessary for the functioning of the gas lighter. As stated before, a smart algorithm was key to connect the lighter and the app. The award-winning lighter tracks, learns, and supports smokers with the help of the well thought of app.


Usability Testing

Through our user-testing sessions, we helped decide what best works for the app and the lighter. Our goal was to get the best out of the device and make sure things ran smoothly for the user.


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