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Skyjunxion’s plan was to update a section of its already existing web application which lacked consistency due to a complex, misleading, and unclear workflow. Our goal, which we successfully carried out, was to reinvent an efficient overall experience which provided users with smooth navigation throughout the application to proficiently find and locate any required information or component needed.

The Challenge

Users were unable to locate certain information on the application since it was incoherent and scattered under different locations. Therefore, the challenging part was combining different features under their corresponding section in order to achieve consistency. The best way to achieve this was for us to provide an enhanced UX / UI for an easy and organized workflow.

Business travel isn’t like going on vacation.

The study

Following our numerous meetings with the Skyjunxion team, we were able to achieve our goal of laying out a clear path for users to follow in order to reach their destination both in the virtual and real world.


Information Architecture

It was crucial for the functionality of the Web application to run smoothly and operate in a clear and organized manner. Accordingly, we set a logical flow for the information we collected by addressing different user cases to subsequently identify multiple user journeys.



Our wireframes revolved around the effects of different scenarios users would face on display. Our approach led us to prioritize the information in a way which would facilitate usability and create a positive experience for users as they interact with the application functionality.


Web application

We devised and conducted extensive user-testing to ensure a high user satisfaction rate. The final outcome of the project was a simple yet intuitive design with flat colors and attractive action buttons to help users enjoy a smooth navigation.


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