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What is user experience design?

We design your products and services with the user in mind. User Experience (UX) is the experience the user develops when interfacing with a digital product or service. For that reason, we initiate our process with an extensive research directed by the values of user-centered design.

UX design has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and conversion rates. It is how the user perceives your brand.
Here at Mindflares, our expert UX team works hand in hand with developers, designers, and marketers to deliver the ultimate design for your brand, focusing on best usability practices. Our team masters the design process from research to data analysis to wireframing to digital prototyping.



From start till end, our user-centered design is associated with extensive research. We start by analyzing the competition; a phase we consider crucial for your business’ success. Apart from the competition, we continue by digging into the characteristics of your product’s most valuable companions; the users. We partner with you to create tailored surveys and interviews specifically designed to craft an understanding of user needs and requirements.
Got an existing product? We’re here to help. To see how well your product is doing, we provide you with quick feedback on the design and functionality of your product through an expert eye, considering usability best practices and standards. Our UX experts will examine your project in details and suggest usability and design improvements to implement design thinking.


User Case

Our research phase places a demand to completely understand your business, objectives, and customers. We need to define user goals in order to get a view of what they want to accomplish. After identifying your target audience and their needs, user journeys are mapped out. Eventually, user goals and requirements are assessed.


Features and Functionality

Based on our user research, important features and functionalities are determined, in addition to the visual approach that best satisfies users. In order to make sure that the features and functionalities meet the needs of the target user, use case scenarios are created based on personas.


Information Architecture

Our research sets the ground for the information architecture process. We establish a content strategy that ensures ultimate engagement with your digital product. By tracing the user journey, we are able to define the flow of content.



Wireframes are blueprints of your design. They define how content should be laid out and identify the information hierarchy of the final design. Wireframes represent the flow and navigation of your website or app. They are low-fidelity sketches that help us plan the steps of User Experience design.


Interaction Design

Wireframes dictate how users interact with a specific interface. Interaction Design identifies the flow of activities, navigation of screens, and use of every aspect of functionality. The design process begins by identifying persona needs. By conducting user research we are able to understand user goals. We partner with our clients to plan for the Interaction Design through the use of sitemaps, use-case scenarios, and flows of control.



Once low-fidelity interfaces have been sketched and the product’s functionality has been established, we move forward with the process by creating prototypes. Our prototypes vary from simple pen and paper sketches to more advanced and realistic mockups. This process brings your ideas into practice and prepares for the development phase.


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