Maliatec M-Force Interface

A brand new interface for the sales application

M-Force is a complex sales application targeted to salespeople, which includes a catalogue of products, supplier routing, to-do lists, call cycle for medical representatives, and many more sales features that facilitate the job of a salesperson.


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Customer Experience
User Interface Design
User Experience Design


Web/Desktop Application
Tablet Application

About Maliatec M-Force Interface


MaliaTec wanted to update its already existing sales application, as it was out-dated and did not function properly. We developed a sustainable marketing strategy that allowed designers, developers, and UX experts to refurbish the app for the purpose of achieving the company's goals.

The Challenge

Our aim was to alter the way sales representatives worked, not realizing they were wasting time and precious information by sticking to the old system. The app did not offer users enough data and blocked the way to a smooth workflow that could help sales representatives easily manage their sales processes.

Elevating sales with a brand new design!

The Study

Following our numerous meetings with medical representatives, we were able to identify the needs and challenges of the existing app.


Information Architecture

By organizing the collected information, the right structure was achieved as the basis for our Information Architecture process.



Sketching and brainstorming guided user pathways. User flows were created based on use-case scenarios. Wireframes helped us identify the User Interface and concentrate on things that matter most.


Web Application

With a clear objective to simplify the seller’s experience, we decided to go with intuitive design. Simple colors, clear typography, and bold action buttons were adopted to help users find products easily and enjoy a faster navigation while seamlessly interfacing with the back-end.


Tablet Application

We conducted extensive research and user-testing to guarantee ultimate satisfaction and highlight on how the tablet app will work in real context. We were eager to tailor a focused and well-designed app that tends to boost ROI and reduce development costs.



As we studied the core of PDAs, we realized the critical challenge of their specific requirements. The goal was to couple appealing design with special requirements and still manage to maintain a consistent image for the product, and that's what we successfully accomplished.


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