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An ophthalmologist and a cornea, cataract, and refractive surgeon that has earned the American Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award.


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About Dr. Shady Awwad Website


Dr. Shady Awwad had a previously existing website that was overloaded with data. Users were unable to retrieve the desired information. Our aim was to transform large amounts of data into manageable chunks with an intuitive UX and appealing UI design. We needed to come up with a refurbished website design that projects the quality service provided to patients.

The Challenge

Millions of patients surf the web for ophthalmologists. The big question is: How trustworthy is the act? Our focus was to create a corporate website with a trendy touch and loyal image. We wanted to design a seamless website, making the search process easier for patients.

We're changing medical websites. Are you in?

The Study

We partnered with Dr. Awwad in order to identify his objectives and define the scope of work. With an extensive research, we gained valuable insights about user needs, preferences, and concerns. Through our user-centered approach, we formulated the goal of offering valuable information, priority features, and a trustworthy image that captures the interest of potential patients.


Information Architecture

Maintaining a smooth and ubiquitous experience for patients required a massive redesign effort. A structured IA was the basis for developing the theme, designing new pages, and establishing a seamless navigation system with clear call-to-action for the purpose of tailoring an intuitive and appealing medical website. Our aim was to shape a design that is simple, yet slick.


Wireframes & Prototypes

As the design continued to evolve, we began prototyping potential interactions. From simple pen and paper sketches to realistic mock-ups, we transformed what is abstract into something tangible to be experienced and further developed. We wanted to create an experience that highlights on the most valuable tasks. Actionable workflows were specified based on extensive patient research and UX principles.


Design System

We built a consistent interface across all pages. With a vibrant, yet professional look, the patients' standpoint was taken into consideration. In order to build a better medical experience, we intended to keep things real and relevant.


Responsive Web Design

The goal was to design a modern and fully responsive website - that is continuously updated as we evolve designs and apply new patterns - to position Dr. Awwad's online presence at the forefront of ophthalmology. We created a design that responds to user behavior, adapts to every screen size, and reflects the core medical image.


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