Customer Feedback System

Simplifying the way feedback is collected

The Customer Feedback System was conceived to simplify the way large scale airports collect customer feedback. We leveraged technology to offer the best solution for our purpose.




Customer Experience
User Interface Design
User Experience Design


Screen Application
Mobile Application

About Customer Feedback System


The main reason for establishing a feedback system was to better serve travelers and increase customer service standards. We were commissioned to design interactive touch-screen portals, which passengers could use to record their timely feedback.

The Challenge

An easy to use and friendly User Interface design was primary to the project’s success. We needed to identify customer touch points and take hygiene and accessibility into consideration, given that some of the portals were placed in high traffic spots at the airport.

Recording timely feedback!

The Study

We began our research by studying various customer touch points, such as restrooms and service counters. It was necessary to identify the best locations to install the terminals where passengers could easily reach and intuitively interact with.


Information Architecture

The design and the functionality of the interactive app had to be appealing, modern, and serving all ages. Our design was tailored to adapt to the overall atmosphere, such as the lighting level at the airport.


Wireframes & Prototypes

We worked closely with Kiopy to design interactive screens that could satisfy waiting passengers. A human-centered design approach was adopted during the process to create an optimal experience for users. We studied the behaviour and psychology of travelers in order to come up with the best UI design. The process included wireframing, prototyping, and testing in real context to make sure the flow was as smooth as intended.



As we went through the process of shaping the identity of the Customer Feedback System, the style sheet of colours was fashioned. We poured in colours that are intuitive enough to fit all ages and are brightly displayed. The purpose was to offer slick interactive large icon screens with minimal text.


Mobile Application

Our next step was to come up with a mobile application that is effectively interfaced with the Customer Feedback System platform. The Information Architecture defined all aspects of the process, from the time the initial action took place to the time personnel were notified via their mobile devices until when the mission was accomplished.


Web Application

A web application was designed for reporting purposes. Supervisors would now be able to observe facts, track performance, and generate statistics to assure the airport is at the top of its game in customer satisfaction. We also took the offline experience into consideration, such as identifying the location of the cleaning and maintenance stations, how long it takes agents to reach the alerted locations, the way they get notified, and the self-cleaning aspect of the touch-screen terminals.


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